Coven of the North Star (novella series):

Conjuring Affection (Coven of the North Star #1)


Alison Conner is your average Minneapolis-based twenty-something: she likes beer, indie bands, hanging out with her friend Linnea, and using her rather limited witch powers for party tricks. Cooling the air when there’s a ghost around is not exactly a power they make movies about, but that’s fine. She doesn’t exactly revel in attention anyway.

Also fine? Her best friend’s brother. Which is a problem, because Linnea has made it clear she’s not okay with that.

But when Erik is around, Alison can’t exactly help herself.

Bewitching Desire (Coven of the North Star #2)


Linnea Peterson’s life is perfect: perfect hair, perfect house, and perfect (ish) job. She runs marathons, has wine nights with her friends from her coven, and does everything you’d expect from a witch with intermittently useful powers in her mid-twenties. The few things in her life that aren’t perfect are just details, really.

But then her law firm hires someone who threatens to upend everything she thought she knew about herself. The more time she spends with Jack, the more Linnea comes to realize perfect doesn’t cut it when it’s just a façade.

She doesn’t want something perfect. She wants something real.

Spellbinding Love (Coven of the North Star #3)


Katie loves her quiet life on the farm. It’s maybe a little on-the-nose for an Earth Witch to own a farm, but she inherited it from her beloved grandparents and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Most of her harvest goes to her best friend Micah’s restaurant, which means she’s helping out her oldest friend and has a dedicated buyer for her produce. It’s a win-win, really.

Except lately, Micah’s been hinting that he wants their status quo to change, and if there’s one thing Katie hates, it’s change…

…even if that means getting something (or someone) she’s always wanted.

Short stories:

Cupcakes and Cardigans

Cupcakes and Cardigans (4)

Cupcakes and Cardigans is a newsletter-exclusive short story about what happens when Lucas, a shy bookstore owner, starts off on the wrong foot with Claudia, the obnoxiously pretty baker next door. It’s got everything: snark, Mr. Rogers jokes, a book nerd who isn’t quite comfortable with feelings, and a rather obscure Friday Night Lights reference because there was no one to stop me from putting it in.

A Royal Mistake


The Prince of Wales lives his life by the book. It’s what is to be expected, after all, and Alex enjoys order and predictability. The tabloids find him a snooze, but he’s perfectly content with that.

Hollywood’s Latest It Girl, Serena Christensen, is used to causing scenes that wind up plastered all over the internet. She thrives on the unexpected and doesn’t believe in living life with regrets.

But when one drunken night in Las Vegas brings the two of them together, they end up making one royal mistake.

Much Ado About Christmas

Much Ado_cover

All Paige Sullivan wants to do is make sure her little sister’s Christmas wedding goes off without a hitch.

It shouldn’t be too hard, since running the North Star Lodge has been Paige’s dream since she was a little girl, and after three years away from the family hotel she’s itching to get back into it. But when Daniel Hill– the best man and one of Paige’s least favorite people in the universe– shows up, Paige’s work suddenly seems cut out for her.

And when Daniel offers her a temporary truce, she finds herself tempted in ways she never imagined.

This romantic Christmas short story is smutty, schmaltzy, and features an incredibly half-assed Much Ado About Nothing homage because honestly, the Claudio and Hero stuff really doesn’t translate to the 21st century.

(Much Ado About Christmas was also a newsletter exclusive, meaning if you were signed up by the time it was released, you got it for free! Make sure you’re signed up so you don’t miss out on any other freebies!)

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