Big News!

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes here, but first things first: if you want to pick up A Royal Mistake, it’s free from now until the end of May on instafreebie!

Other news:

I’ve gone into wide release, which means I’m no longer exclusive to Amazon.  You can now get Conjuring Affection, Bewitching Desire, and A Royal Mistake in all formats, including iBook, Kobo, Nook and more!

I have decided to give the old newsletter thing a try, and as extra incentive when you sign up you’ll receive a free, exclusive short story!  It’s not available anywhere else, so make sure you get your hands on a copy ASAP.  You can sign up here and I solemnly swear I will not clutter your inboxes with useless spam (nor will I ever sell your information), but you will be the first to find out about cover reveals, new releases, and other bonus exclusive content straight from yours truly.


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