I LOVE YOU, I HATE YOU: Coming this fall!

All’s fair in love and law… You’ve Got Mail meets Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren and The Hating Game by Sally Thorne in this sizzling rom-com debut. Victoria and Owen are bitter rivals.Nora and Luke are friends online.Who would believe these two couples have anything in common? Of all the decisions brilliant lawyer Victoria Clemenceaux has made in herContinue reading “I LOVE YOU, I HATE YOU: Coming this fall!”

Big Things Are Happening!

Things have been very quiet here for awhile, but that’s because there’s been some big, big changes behind the scenes: I’ve got an agent (the excellent Jess Dallow) and my first full-length novel has been sold to Headline Eternal! I Love You, I Hate You, which is a You’ve Got Mail homage with Twitter andContinue reading “Big Things Are Happening!”

Coven of the North Star #2: Bewitching Desire

The second in the Coven of the North Star series is available now on Amazon! Linnea Peterson’s life is perfect: perfect hair, perfect house, perfect job, and perfect(ish) boyfriend. She runs marathons, has wine nights with her friends from coven, and does everything you’d expect from a witch with intermittently useful powers in her mid-twenties.Continue reading “Coven of the North Star #2: Bewitching Desire”